Reference Publisher is a tool developed for researchers by the research team at Mobius Analytics

You can now publish your references and notes on them so your readers can interact with your research by sorting, filtering, rearranging the columns, viewing your notes and exporting the results. If you spend your valuable time on your research - make it more useful for your readers!


Why limit yourself to a static set of references at the end of your paper?

Your thinking on the topic of your research continues well beyond the publication date of your paper - Reference Publisher allows you to continue to share your reasearch and analysis with your users.

Easy to use

If you can edit a spreadsheet - you can create your online reference database. We provide an Excel add-in that helps you through the entire process.


We engineeed in flexability from the start. We know how important it is to control how your research data is presented.


The tool allows your readers to access and interact with your research in ways that were not possible (or extremely difficult) years ago.

Built on the latest technologies

We started with the latest development tools to build a highly responsive user experience - and chose a publishing method and workflow that provides a high degree of flexability and ease of use.

Fully 'brandable'

Should you want to brand the database with your own look and feel or have your own domain name associated with the database - we can accomodate your needs.


Need a feature built just for you? We have a development team that can accomodate your requirements